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Clash of Beliefs, Galatians Intro

via TJC

Dear Paul (AD 50),

Your letter to us is very concerning; as we struggle to resolve this clash in our church between you and Peter. Peter has been very convincing that we should maintain our Jewish customs and the law given to us through Moses, and you call him a hypocrite. We want to discuss your comment that we are following a different way that pretends to be the good news.

We perceive your anger, which seems to go a bit far saying that someone should castrate themselves versus circumcision.

We have had the law for centuries, Jesus was jewish, It is how we walk out our faith, it’s been our guardian.

Yet you share with common sense that it is Christ who truly sets us free.

We would love to have you visit us again so we can sit and discern what the Spirit has shared with you, that seems so far from our prophets.

We do not want to be cut off from Christ as you suggest.

In faithful expectation.

Your Galatian servant.

2023- We tend to gloss over the very real debates and challenges that took place as the Christian faith matured. Yet we see all around us very similar debates and changes in our church’s ranging from same sex marriage, abortion, tithing, the role of women, and today our support for Israel at war. Each of us needs to be able to anchor our faith and answer questions on our own church debates today.

Daily Battle Order:

What do you anchor your faith in? Do you read the bible for yourself or expect to be spoon fed by your favorite pastor. Do you ever think to get clarification from the bible about the topics that have caused many churches to split today. Have a dialog today with your family about a tough topic like same sex marriage and discuss what the bible says and what culture says.



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