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“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.” Psalm 25:4

This week is about bringing our decisions to God on His mountain of prayer. There are many questions about what to bring, when and how. There is one decision I vividly remember bringing before God in prayer and sacrifice and that was the question about my vocation, God’s purpose in my life. Should I enter religious life, abandoning a multi-year relationship to a wonderful girl, or should I marry her and close the door on serving the God as a priest?

On a retreat to help answer this very question, I was given a great piece of advice: “Look into the future to see where your soul finds joy, then pray on it and act, not looking back.” In my meditation that day, I turned over and over the idea that I could be a role model and “father” to hundreds of God’s children, to whom I was not related, throughout my life and guide and teach them in their faith. As I looked forward down that path, to all the responsibilities and opportunities, I found it to be dull and colorless, without joy or life for me. Then I turned my attention to being a husband and a father to a few of God’s children, born of my flesh, and my heart lit up with fire and a longing to know God through that relationship. I remember being engulfed in peace and immense joy and love for the family that my wife and I would work together with God to create. When I woke up the next morning, I knew my prayer had been answered and I resolved that my path was to embark on being a faithful husband and father, learning and sharing about God through those interactions. Ever since, I have worked to manifest the joy and peace I felt on the retreat in our household because I know it is possible and trust that is what God wants of me.

Daily Battle Order:

What in your life specifically needs to be brought to God? Today, spend 10 minutes praying over that question. Pray for clarity and strength to commit wholeheartedly to the direction that God shows you on your mountaintop, along with wisdom and understanding to help you execute the next step in the path.



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