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Choose Faithful & True

via TJC

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.” —Revelation 21:9

I was recently spending a Saturday morning with God. Lately, He’s had a consistent message for me these past couple of months, one that’s been clear as day: Be bold. Share the Gospel with your new neighbors.

This particular Saturday, I felt the weight of His commission more than ever. But I told Him, “God, I can’t do it! I don’t have the courage to knock on someone’s door and share the Gospel. I’m sorry, but I am just too anxious.”

Halfway through my Prayer Walk, I noticed many un-mowed lawns in my neighborhood. That’s when it hit me: God provided a way for me to get beyond my anxiety through my ability to mow someone’s lawn. Instead of money, I would do this in exchange for the opportunity to pray for anything they might need prayer for.

Today, I am presented with that choice. Do I go knock on doors? Or do I watch college football? I am choosing the faithful & true words He spoke to me (and my wife is holding me accountable)!

The author of Revelation was also presented with a choice: write, or don’t write. He knew it was Jesus himself, the Son of God, speaking to him. And it was he who commanded him to write. Imagine if John didn’t write! Imagine if we never received the final book of our Bibles! But John could not allow this to happen. When the Lord of his life commanded him to do something, he chose to do it. And he chose to do it because God’s words are faithful and true.

Daily Battle Order:

First, do you truly believe God’s Word is faithful & trustworthy? (I’ve got news for you—even when you don’t think so, it still is.)

Second, what has the Lord been commanding you to do (or not do)? What’s preventing you from following through? Bring an Ally into this. Share, and seek accountability.

(Update: I just got back from my first endeavor of serving my neighbors' landscaping needs. I knocked on eight doors—no answers from the first seven. On the eighth door, a woman named Charity answered. She welcomed me to rake the leaves in her yard, then, I asked if there was any way I could pray for her. She thought about it, and responded with “finances.” Join me in praying for Charity’s finances, as well as my strength & courage to continue serving my neighbors.)



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