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Books of the Bible

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Yesterday we learned some history of the Bible and ways it was translated. Now let’s look at how the 66 books are organized. It helps me understand a little better what’s going on when I open the book.

Law books (5) Genesis - Deuteronomy

  • this is where things get kicked off with some of the best stories. These books also gives us the rules God set out for his people (fun fact- we can’t actually follow them all)

History books (12) Joshua – Esther

  • More of the stories. (fun fact - many of these would be R rated if they were a movie)

Poetry books (5) Job – Song of Solomon

  • lots of practical advice (fun fact - they don’t rhyme. Ever)

Prophecy books (17) 5 major prophets Isaiah – Daniel, 12 minor prophets Hosea – Malachi

  • here’s where the predictions of Jesus come (fun fact - it’s almost mathematically impossible that one man could fulfill all these prophecies)

400 years of silence and Jesus arrives (the whole subject of the bible)

  • no new books for a looooong time.

The Gospels (4), Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

  • Independent books that tell us the life of Jesus and how he fulfilled all those prophecies. (fun fact - remember the mathematical issue from before?)

The book of Acts – historical record of the first church

  • The stories of how the early church actually came together (fun fact- this is really part 2 of the gospel of Luke)

The Epistle (12) Romans – Jude

  • Personal letters written to churches and a few men to help them understand how to live out following Jesus (fun fact - the Apostle Paul wrote about ⅔ of these letters)

The Revelation

  • prophecy of the Last days and Eternity (fun fact - while the Apostle John put the ink to the paper it was really Jesus who wrote this book)

All pulled together through Jesus Christ

Daily Battle Order:

Get your Bible, go buy one if you don’t already have one. Get the Bible App on your phone. Take 15 minutes today to look through it and familiarize yourself with all the books in preparation for the next 66 weeks as we dive in!

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