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Being a Disciple Maker: SEED CORN

via TJC

“You have heard me teach things that have been confirmed by many reliable witnesses. Now teach these truths to other trustworthy people who will be able to pass them on to others.” 2 Timothy 2:2

Not having grown up on a farm I had to dig in to understand what seed corn is and then be able to apply this concept to disciple-making.

The definition of seed corn is simple: “Corn grown to become the seeds for farmers to plant.”

“Seed corn requires special care, practices, equipment, and people to produce. It’s a very labor-intensive crop to grow. The goal is to produce quality seed with high germination.”

Disciple-making requires special care, practices, equipment (Biblical truths), and dedicated teachers. And it can be labor intensive. The process of someone becoming a disciple-maker means that they are absorbing God’s wisdom and then applying that to make the structural heart-change that happens as a disciple matures into a disciple-maker.

The ministry that I am involved with that gives me the greatest joy is a men’s connect group that I lead. And since the beginning of this group, I have been committed to seeing who among our group is the next to “grow a group” What is exciting is that several of the men are already doing exactly that!! And as I look at what Jesus tasked us with in the great commission, isn’t it this process of discipling disciple-makers?

Daily Battle Order:

Have you stepped into the leadership role of discipling disciple-makers? For any of us fathers, we had better be in the process of training up children who will be disciple-makers. This is the most fertile ground we have for “seed corn farming”. And beyond that, let me challenge you to put in the “intense labor” and prayer to grow up disciple-makers. You have a circle of influence that God has gifted you with. Identify those who are ready for “high-yielding” germination and train them up!


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For many men I would also say this is “grow a pair”. Dads especially need to stop reading and contemplating and do! Time is precious


Tom Burke
Tom Burke
12 de ago. de 2022

" discipling disciple-makers" this term, really strikes me because I have led men's groups and yet not followed through in the continuation, the maturing, the special care needed to develop these men I've led in small groups to become disciple makers.

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