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Be Az and Do Az Boaz Did

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“Then went Boaz up to the gate, and sat him down there: and, behold, the kinsman of whom Boaz spake came by; unto whom he said, Ho, such a one! turn aside, sit down here. And he turned aside, and sat down. And he took ten men of the elders of the city, and said, Sit ye downhere. And they sat down.Ruth 4:1-2

When Boaz spoke, people listened. People wanted to listen. People were interested in what he had to say and what he was going to do. Why? The answer is found in the often-overlooked details that describe Boaz in the book of Ruth. He was influential because his focus was always on the “one who is greater”.

His influence is first realized in Ruth 2:4 when he approaches the reapers and the first thing he says, “The LORD be with you”. I find the power of influence to be one of the largest hurdles in my life as a Kingdom man. What is more interesting is when I stop seeking it for any reason other than eternal is when that influence becomes its greatest – NOT trying to get people to do things my way - huh, maybe there really is something to these significant mottos: 1. When I do genuinely do something in Jesus name, there is no room for me in the matter.2. He must increase and I must decrease.

I find the struggle for real influence no greater than inside my own home. Everyone in that very small circle hangs so much on everything I say and do; and sometimes the failures outweigh thevictories. Just the other day I reached out to my good friend by text and we briefly discussed the challenges and tests of raising kids. His words of encouragement were this, “those little challenges that are passed with flying colors day by day earn us a little more influence and opportunity to speak into their lives in the future when they need it even more than today.”

Boaz is a fantastic example of an influential man in that he is a true Teacher – shows his reapers how to treat women and people in general, a Warrior – he shows compassion, mercy, and favor and did what was right, King – people listened, does not forget family ties, he provided jobs, food, safety, security, and assurance, and last but not least Lover – keeps his desires in check and shows how to be a true gentlemen and ultimately found who God wanted for him – Ruth.

Daily Battle Order:

Your MRE’s are crucial for the journey to becoming more influential.

M   ea   t - What are you taking from God’s Word? (Learn)

R   esolution    – When you’re truly in God’s Word, one is faced with having to do something with it –what do you “resolve” to do with it? (Grow/Change)

E volution    – What maneuvers do you need to make to implement your resolution and evolve into a stronger disciple. (Do)

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Today's DBO gives a definition of a true Kingdom man. Spot on and on point!

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