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Battle Scars of Hatred

via TJC

“Consider my enemies, for they are many; And they hate me with cruel hatred.” Psalm 25:19

We unpacked some major wounds this week, that for many men are festering sores and boils whereas scars are physical signs of healing. Honestly I wrestled with my assignment of hatred, as I can easily point to where I had fear, shame, guilt and anxiety but hatred was not so clear. Then I looked at some of the many scars on my body and I got really uncomfortable.

Many of my scars are literally from injuries where I pushed myself too hard, for too long and overuse turned into disaster. Why did I push myself like that? What change was I trying to realize? Was I subtly uncomfortable with myself, even hated some things about myself. Hated past decisions, sins, fears, shames and anxieties and so pushed to control and drive ahead? I don’t like my own answer to those questions. I imagine some addicts can point to scars where they numbed themselves to get past hatred for the things they have done

My own self hatred is the exact opposite of the love God has for me. He created me and you, as his creation to be masterpieces. So I’m even more thankful for these scars and the healing work God is doing inside of me.

Daily Battle Order:

What painful chiseling is God doing in your life? What healing has taken place? Please take 15 minutes today to watch this funny, loving and emotional capture of God shaping us as His masterpiece.

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