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Battle Scars: Have No Fear

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Have no fear of them, nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy… 1 Peter 3:14b ESV

This week we will be putting the spotlight on battle scars that result from injuries we sustain from living life in this fallen world. Many of our injuries come from life events that have induced fear, shame, guilt, anxiety and hatred that leave us with scars. But our perspective on battle scars will not consist of a focus on unhealed or unresolved wounds, but from the perspective of the healing and wound resolution that our Savior provides to us throughout an injury sustained in life’s battles. As one of our TJC Kingdom Men commented “scars may not be pretty - but they represent healing!”

I played a lot of basketball growing up, and to this day I have a 4-inch-long scar on my right hip from chasing down the ball to keep it out of the briar patch. I kept the ball out of the briar patch but injured myself pretty significantly in the process. Honestly, the fear of a needle and thread being used to close the wound seemed worse to me than the wound itself. I learned though that my fears were unfounded, and that the end result from the stitches being applied, along with proper care and cleaning, was that the wound healed, however, the scar is still there decades later as a reminder of the experience.

This is what Jesus does for us when we experience the cuts from fear in our lives. He picks us up, cleans our wounds, stitches us up, cares for our wounds, and heals us. But, in order for the healing to take place, we must submit ourselves, our fears, to the care of Jesus. Otherwise, that cut from fear will fester and become infected and will stay unhealed and unresolved.

Daily Battle Order:

Kingdom man, what is your fear that you are not submitting to Jesus? Today’s battle order is to identify that fear, and give it over to the Master Physician who brings true healing. God said to “fear not” 365 times in the Bible. That’s one for every day, so, you don’t have any excuse. Give up that fear to The One who heals!

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Tom Burke
Tom Burke
14 mar 2022

Thought provoking DBO, A wrenching Battle Order!

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