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2024 Easter Prayer

Dear God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit


I’m so glad that we have a day set aside to celebrate what you did for us when you came out of that empty tomb.  It gives so many people around the world a reason to stop and think about what an awesome and loving God you are.  You were willing to not only live a life just like ours but then to give it up on the cross so that you could defeat death on our behalf when you rose again.  You are risen indeed.


God I have to admit that it is easy for many of us to really only celebrate this event, this holiday, only one day a year.  Some friends have challenged me in the last few years that I need to preach your gospel to myself daily, reminding myself of your Easter gift.  Some days it just seems easy to only dwell on myself.  Thank you that the forgiveness you gave through your resurrection covers that failure on my part too.


Remind me daily of your presence in my life and the love you have for me.  I only have this because of what you did.  Maybe it will come in a morning time spent in your word; maybe from a simple devotional sent by a friend; or maybe it will be a sunrise (or sunset) whose beauty I just can’t quit looking at.  Remind me through the family you have given me, whether it is broken and in need of your grace or in unity reflecting your good plan.  Work in my spirit each day, through your Spirit that now lives in me because of what you did that Easter morning so long ago.



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Tom Burke
Tom Burke
31 de mar.

I was thinking the very same thing early this Easter Sunday morning. It stirred in my spirit to reflect on the words of Kind David to renew in me a clean heart and a steadfast spirit. He is Risen - He is Risen Indeed!

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