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TJC in My Life

via TJC

It was pre Covid when two TJC brothers  baptized me in a creek near Fredericksburg in what had to be 45 degree water. I had come down with a nasty cold prior to embarking on my first battlefield summit, but the thrill of brotherhood and literally weaving scripture to relate to a historic battle in our country and the lessons unpacked; have re-routed the course of my life.

Don’t get me wrong, I had my reservations on TJC and quite frankly one too many times made a comment that quickly came back to stare me in the face, as a young buck will do from lack of experience and wisdom. I thought, what is the point of going to an outdoor museum with a bunch of dudes got to do with anything? Along the journey God prodded me with - “what’s your deal and what do I have to do with you”?

Right after this trip I was ordered to the base in Alamogordo, NM and we immediately picked up with a TJC elder in and every  “Every Man a Warrior” virtual group. We would have weekly calls of prayer, and true accountability. Ok so what’s the point? The point is, it’s brotherhood, sharpening from and of the word, in action, and commitment. I had been knighted.

TJC has equipped me with men from many different states to band with in prayer.  We can have tough dialog about politics and leadership, laugh and joke and not take ourselves too seriously, and we are still learning all at the same time. One thing we know for certain is that we are committed to one another to make disciples and our heart is with the Lord to stand in the gap, shoulder to shoulder, shield and sword in hand, ready to extinguish the enemy's attacks.

I literally just got reassigned to Del Rio, Tx, a location I wanted to avoid.  However I’m accepting it as a fresh assignment from God, because I am Chosen and selected to lead in this community for the time appointed. I will continue to ask TJC to pray for my family and do life with them!

Daily Battle Order: God maybe asking you “what's your deal?” I pray you can find men like I have in TJC.  Respond today if you want to take a step across the river- hopefully it won’t be as cold as the one I stepped into.  Today ask your family at dinner- what is the one thing you hope God doesn't ask us to do?

To learn more about how The Joshua Commission trains kingdom men, come with your spouse and join TJC on the Battlefield, this 27APR at Chickamauga or this 11MAY at Gettysburg. Registration & more at .



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