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“Therefore, rid yourselves of all malice and all deceit, hypocrisy, envy, and slander of every kind”. 1 Peter 2:1

 There are a number of signs along our spiritual road trip that can indicate danger, speeding, falling rocks, curves in the road, etc.  All indications that we need to check our own conditions and/or the conditions around us.  That’s what 1 Peter is, a clear warning of the conditions of danger and persecution, but also a call to check our own spiritual condition within that present danger.

 I have found that the two most effective signs in my life to check my own spiritual condition and warn of dangerous conditions are God’s word and my children.  One is a mirror and one is a sponge.  His Word is the mirror which reflects my behavior and thoughts, without that mirror I can go days or weeks (actually months or years) without seeing my sin….my hypocrisy and slander.

 But what I want to focus on today in the DBO, is the sponge.  My children are a sponge, and their behavior is even a bigger indicator of my own spiritual condition, as well as the world they live in.  Are the sponges absorbing pure, clear water, or dirty messes?  Recently I have observed deceit, slander and questionable language coming out my kids’ mouths.  While it may be tempting to blame school or their friends, this is a cop out.  They are absorbing this from me just like the sponges they are.   Their behavior and words are a direct reflection of my behavior and words, and if I don’t like it (which I don’t), then I need to change what the sponges are absorbing.  I also need to stop expecting Sunday school or regular school to teach the lessons that I should be teaching at home.  So that is the challenge and brings me to the daily battle order….

Daily Battle Order:

What are you children absorbing, and how much of that mess is coming from you?  If you squeeze the sponges do you see pure water or dirty water coming out?  Think about where you are most likely to slander (you are frustrated) – work, family, the church, or where you are most likely to be a hypocrite as a parent (I can act/do this but you cannot)…and commit not to create that mess that your sponges will absorb.



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