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Part Three: Building Disciple Makers: Introduction


“Become imitators of me, brethren, and observe attentively those who conduct themselves in a manner which reflects the example which you have in us,” Philippians 3:17

At the start of this year, 2022, our DBO’s focused on this truth, “The Kingdom is at War.”  As the year progressed, we entered into a new topic area focused on “You Are Created for Victory.”  Now we’re turning into the final stretch and we will be focused on “Building Disciple Makers” . Our DBO’s now deal with the “how to” of the Great Commission. Our first week’s DBO’s will focus on Growing in Faith. Growing in my faith is for THEM, it's not for my sake. So Who are the THEM: The THEM aren't just the obvious and comfortable. This growth requires stretching, and kneeling. It requires humility and understanding that is filled by the Spirit. Building Disciple Makers may break me. It will cause them to ask me hard questions as they seek the hard truthful answers. But it will allow me to lead and teach THEM as together we open up our hearts and the relationship to Disciple making.

Hang on brothers, we’re diving deep into the heart of the matter and transformation is in sight!



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