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Medicine that Does Not Sooth

via TJC

But, dear friends, remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ foretold. They said to you, “In the last times there will be scoffers who will follow their own ungodly desires.” These are the people who divide you, who follow mere natural instincts and do not have the Spirit.. - Jude 1:19

Every moment of Satan’s existence is focused on erasing Jesus Christ and the influence of the Holy Spirit from your life. If he succeeds, he leads your soul down a path of rejecting God, his son and the free gift of salvation. He knows that the best medicine tastes sweet, so he has chosen to wrap his ungodly plan for you in the sweet words of our Lord: “Love your neighbor as yourself”  Everyone wants to be loved but most today only know a shadow of love that is devoid of God.  Where do you stand?

  • “We should respect each individual’s natural desires with equality and dignity. This is what it means to love each other, you idiot.”, says my atheist friend. 

  • “An evolved society takes care of its poor and marginalized. The only way to do that is to expand the individual’s choices. This is true love - while you spout from your stupid book.”, said my learned professor. 

  • “Isn’t love acceptance and judgment rejection? Why do you reject my individual sexuality? That’s not love for your neighbor, you hypocrite!”, argued the college student. 

  • “I am homo-sapiens. I evolved from a primate. Look at history! Look at my bio-chemical make-up. We are a species. How else could I love my neighbor if I don’t even understand and accept my individual yet natural instincts?”, I said….once.

Our understanding of love can only grow so much using natural means instead of letting the Spirit guide us which has created a culture of Godless love.  The sugar did its job and the poison mixed in the medicine produced strange side effects in our lives. The spiritual health of the family was forgotten.  Prayer became childish, ancient incantations instead of a heartfelt conversation with our creator.  Extreme individualism was elevated while reliance on God was discarded.  Truth was redefined as what a person subjectively feels and oppression was redefined to mean anything that threatened these new “truths”. 

However, the world of the 5 senses is not all that exists. Indeed, there is another world that passes through this one and without God, you have no eyes to see it. The accuser works hard to blindfold you and twist the light through his dark lens so you cannot see Christ shining in front of you, ready to lead the way.  Jude calls us to rely on our instincts, guided by the Spirit so we may live and love fully and reject the poison that Satan continues to spread.   


Say his name, “Jesus Christ” with joy.  Do not let the scoffers darken your spirit but cling to the cross and share Christ in every encounter today.  Thank Him, for He has the true medicine to soothe all souls in turmoil.



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