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Mail Call

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“To Timothy my true son in the faith:

  Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord” ~1 Timothy 1:2

The other day I received a letter in the mail. It was a no kidding letter, hand-written by a friend, stamped and mailed. The letter contained family updates, encouragement, questions about my family, what we were up to and how we were doing with some previous challenges we were facing. As I read it, while I certainly enjoyed the information it contained, what really touched me was the effort. In a world of email, texts, and social media exchanges, a letter is intimate. It requires effort. It requires one to pause in their day, and intentionally devote time to pursue and inquire about the welfare of another. And on the receiving end, it sparks joy. It is unexpected, heart-warming and provides a tangible connection to the one that sent it: we’re holding the same paper and that paper carries aromas. You can trace the imprints of the ink. The imperfections can’t be filtered, they are lined through and corrected and obvious for all to see. 

Paul writes Timothy a letter. In it he encourages his mentee and friend. He gives advice, and guidance which enables Timothy to faithfully carry out his ministry to a church culture that misled, misinformed and woefully misapplying the Gospel. His letter was meant to empower and give Timothy the confidence and influence he would need to demonstrate the authenticity and authority of Christ’s model of leadership.

Daily Battle Order:

“Mail Call” was probably the most invigorating phrase in basic training. The whole group would gather hoping to hear their name called. When you were handed a letter, whatever was going on, whatever struggles were happening at the time just melted away, because you knew someone took time to show they cared. Today, who is someone who could be refreshed by getting a letter from you? It could be a friend you talked to last week, or a relative you haven’t been in contact with in years. Maybe it’s a stranger, like a service member overseas or a shut-in senior at your local nursing home. Whoever it is, wherever they are, pen that letter today!

It’s time for “Mail Call!”

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