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Happy New Year - “Be Holy”

via TJC

As TJC steps into 2024 we will be continuing the bible adventure through April.  Following the adventure we will be focusing on your first disciple making ministry - your family. We know all of 2024 TJC Daily Battle Orders will impact your ministry. 

Many people start the New Year making resolutions to lose weight, exercise more, make better financial decisions. Resolutions get a bad wrap as people often feel challenged and give up so let’s collectively pursue a higher focus to each and every day. “Live our lives in a way that God would consider worthy” 1 Thessalonica 2:12

Paul, Silas and Timothy wrote from Corinth, in AD51 to the new church in the port city of Thessalonica. It’s a letter that should resonate with us today for those believers are being treated horribly in their culture, making it a challenge to live sin-free lives and they had a lot of questions about when Jesus would return. 

Paul and team know that old traditions and habits die hard, sort of like our habits we want to change with new resolutions. So they remind the new church and us to stay strong in our faith and remember that you are not alone. We as disciple makers are to model ourselves to be like Christ, be like more mature believers in our faith and build up others to be like us.  

2024 Battle Order - “Be Holy”. 

Jesus preached on the mount for us to be perfect; to not choose sin over what we know God wants us to do. 

Every morning this year, remind yourself to be Holy. Join others around the country

and set an alarm for 6:33 am and read Matthew 6:33 each day together “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousnes” . Encourage your family to be Holy. Build up others around you to be Holy. 

We are all going to make mistakes, but get back up and be Holy. For you have been set apart, we are a one-of-a kind people who, serve a-one of-a kind God. Be Holy



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