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Devil On The Run

via TJC

“Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

—James 4:7

The Bible is full of incredible promises that demonstrate God’s love. But when it comes to victory, I don’t know if James could have captured a more empowering and freeing directive: “Submit to God. Resist the Devil. [Then the promise] He WILL flee from you.”

He will retreat. He cannot stand in the presence of one who submits to God. If we’re under attack, submit to God. If you can’t get traction and you're slipping into sin, submit to God. 

James spends most of this book focusing on how to live daily in God’s good creation.  As we know, after God declared His creation good, sin entered the world and broke it. Ever since, the devil has been trying to keep mankind in an endless loop doubting God and seeing sin as an attractive replacement. James implores us to do good as a demonstration of our faith. He says our actions, not our words, are the evidence of our submission to God. Our actions in caring for the poor, taming our tongues, demonstrating unity, and stewarding our resources are how a Kingdom Man is to resist the devil. These actions promote God’s goodness and counter the lie the devil tells.

Each year, my team goes to Las Vegas for a conference. The temptation of drink, gambling, lavish dinners, sex, drugs, foul language, and dirty jokes are encapsulated in the bright lights. It’s easy to be blinded by the overstimulation and either bump into or completely ignore the homelessness and mental illness that coexist with the big bets and deep pockets. 

After one of our team dinners (lavish), one of my colleagues (who had been talking about the homelessness all week) took all of our leftovers, boxed them up, and took them out to the streets. Watching her hand it out was like watching the disciples feed the 5,000. There was so much food. She would tell you she’s not “deeply religious”. But when she sees a need, she “just acts out of kindness.” 

I told her that’s the best sermon anyone could receive. Our team spent the rest of the trip retelling this story and looking for other ways to do good. And I’ll tell you, as a Kingdom Man, when I submitted in this way, the lights and the temptation just didn’t seem as bright. It was like the devil turned off the lights and left.  

Daily Battle Order:

As Kingdom Men, submission to God is something we should do with joy. Submission to Him means living a life that is promised-filled and purpose-driven. It means being protected from the Enemy's attacks and the Accuser’s lies because he is on the run. The easiest way to show yourself the evidence of your submission is to love and do good. Put the devil on the run: do good for someone today.



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