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The Kingdom is at War    You are created for Victory   
TJC trains Kingdom Men 
“The daily battle orders I get from the Joshua Commission have become a real catalyst to me pursuing a deeper and more authentic relationship with other men and more importantly with God.  I hate missing even one day.”

How you can join the commission


Battle Orders

Written via TJC-by commissioned 

Kingdom Men who have joined us on battlefields-these brief but powerful daily challenges are a core part of how men connect with the Joshua Commission.  Check out current orders and sign up to receive your Daily Battle Orders Monday - Friday.


Battlefield Maneuvers

Gathering on actual battlefields is the heart of the Joshua Commission.  3-4 times per year we get face to face to let the stories of historical warriors open us up to the battles we face today as Kingdom Men, how we fight those battles and what real victory looks like in our lives.


Band of Brothers

We believe transformation and victory come in the company of brothers and through the challenges of discipline and training.  Join with other Kingdom men in cohorts that dig deeper through the "Joshua Challenge" and "Every Man a Warrior".  Reach out to connect with a Cohort.

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Connect with us through our Daily Battle Orders, Battlefield Operations and Disciplemaking Cohorts

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