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Your Team Must Be On The Same Mission

via TJC

First thing we do every day and on a battlefield is put on our equipment (our armor), and we do a buddy check and make sure our team mates are properly equipped as well.  We operate as teams. 

Ask any combat tested warrior, ask a paratrooper -  if he will jump out behind enemy lines ALONE- and if honest will say “maybe I do, maybe I won’t”.

Ask them if they will jump out with their team - they will answer “absolutely. “

That warrior knows his mission, knows his team’s capabilities, strengths and weaknesses. They are willing to sacrifice for one another, and the cause of their mission. Together they face the unknown, their fears, because they know why they are stepping out. 

Our TJC mission comes down to one word - transformation.  We are being transformed individually, and collectively to be the most imposing force on this earth - we represent Christ to everyone we encounter. We are to solve problems, achieve victories, as Christ demonstrated and taught us. And we are never alone. 

We operate in the VIA - with the Holy Spirit as our constant companion, and with other brothers and sisters we are invincible. 

TJC’s mission is to transform us individually and collectively to be invincible. 

Your Battle Order today - ask your family if they feel like you are a unified team and know your families mission. 

It may mean you leading them and writing out a mission that you all understand and share.

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1 Comment

I read in the bible Jesus is 70 times more powerful than Satan. When you consider an atom can only be split into a few parts to make nuclear energy. Then it makes you contemplate that our energy should be devotion to the Lord our Saviour and we can't be defeated. Even in capture forgive you enemy for the hatred in their hearts. 1st Corinthians 10.13 God will be there and you

will not be tested beyond what you can handle. Fear is confliction of your devotion.

2/8 Combat Infantry

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