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What’s This All For?

via TJC

I have indeed built a magnificent temple for you, a place for you to dwell forever. While the whole assembly of Israel was standing there, the king turned around and blessed them…

—1 Kings 8:13-14

The temple Solomon built for the Lord is one of the most famous landmarks of the ancient world. Its Western Wall still stands today. It is one of the most holy & most visited sites in Israel. When Solomon dedicated the Temple, he blessed it and set it apart for God, and made it a symbol for the Nation. Despite war, raids, destruction, and even partition of the Temple Mount, Solomon’s Temple has an enduring legacy...

But Solomon also has another legacy. We often think of him as the wisest, richest, and most celebrated of all kings, but forget he “did evil in the eyes of the Lord,” and yet that doesn’t disqualify him.

Last week, I was talking to one of my disciples about the enduring legacy he is building. He is a Kingdom Man in his 20s, not yet a husband or a father, but he exudes the compassion and strength towards young men that takes years to forge. He serves his community in its toughest inner-city neighborhoods, not as his job, but as his calling and purpose. He mentors young men who are lured by the streets. He has won over hardcore, ex-con “OGs” to support his cause. He speaks with them in truth and love. He values them regardless of their past actions. He has set out to break generational curses penetrating his family, these young men, and their community. He is creating a legacy to which the walls will be thoroughly tested and, with God, will stand firm against the coming attacks.

His legacy bears good fruit.

Daily Battle Order:

Kingdom Men, like it or not, we will all leave a legacy. Sometimes, our past makes us think we are disqualified. Let me tell you brother—you are NOT disqualified. Your past is your story; this current season is a building block.

So what are you building? Check in with your disciple(s) today, get an update, and bless them. If you don’t have a disciple, check in with the one who discipled you, and give them an update & thanks.



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