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Victory in Finances: Beginning With the End in Mind

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Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? -Matthew 6:25

It was a Friday at work and I got a call to come into my bosses office toward the end of the day. When I walked in the office I noticed that the HR person was also in the room. You all know what happened next. My mind went into a haze as I sat and listened to my boss tell me that they were terminating my employment, effective immediately. I was given a cardboard box and escorted by security back to my workspace to pack my things, and then escorted to my car. This happened exactly 24 hours before I was intending to ask my girlfriend to marry me.

In the blink of an eye I went from being a working professional with a masters degree to being unemployed with no savings. My financial picture was chaotic but despite the chaos I was at peace. I proposed to my girlfriend, and she said yes! The following Monday I applied for emergency food stamps in the morning, and in the afternoon I put on my best blazer and began handing out resumes to whoever would take them. By the end of the week I had been hired twice, once by a former employer and once by a new one. In the process I showed my fiancee that there was nothing I wouldn’t do–no work too menial–to support my family.

In this situation I easily could have succumbed to fear. Our finances are sometimes a measure of stability and security for us as men. I want to propose to you that no financial picture is as stable and dependable as the Lord who gives us provision. In the midst of uncertain times, I was able to live in victory and benefit from the fruit of peace because my faith was in Christ, not my bank account.

Daily Battle Order:

As we seek victory by beginning with the end in mind, I challenge you to imagine your finances were suddenly upset.

  • List three things that would remain constant if you were suddenly penniless.

  • Now, in light of the three things you have listed, seek the Lord’s guidance regarding the money that He has provided, including giving back to Him a portion of what He has provided to you to steward.


Join us June 11th and learn how knowing the beginning from the end would have helped the armies of the North and the South at The First Battle of Manassas (Bull Run), and how knowing the beginning from the end helps us today to have Victory in our lives.

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03 jun 2022

The LORD has provided me a meal literally every time I have ever been hungry in my entire life. Is this not an example of His provision!?

Me gusta
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