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Victory in Family: Singleness


“Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” James 4:8

Singleness is a gift from God. Most men who have been single longer than expected may feel their singleness is a failure. However, singleness gives a man the opportunity to eliminate distractions and focus on God.

During my single days, I did not spend my time growing with God. Instead, I spent my time neglecting Him and fulfilling my every human desire. At that moment, life seemed great. I was young and doing whatever my undeveloped brain wanted to do. That being said, I did not work on my relationship with God. This set me back when I tried to bring a woman into what was left of my relationship with God. I had to completely rekindle my relationship with God while also trying to form a relationship with a complete stranger. If I had taken advantage of the singleness God gifted me, I could have formed a strong foundational relationship with Him that my now Fiance and I could have built from. Instead, many hardships, hurdles and headaches arose from my selfish singlehood.

The best way for you to love your future spouse, is to love God before you ever meet them.


If you’re single, what foundations could you be building with God to set yourself up for success in future relationships? Identify 3 aspects of your relationship with God that are easier to develop while single.

If you’re married, what advice on singlehood could you give to a man to prepare them for the journey ahead? Think on this so the next time you're presented with the opportunity, you can share your wisdom.


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