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Thank you for the Match

via TJC

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings.” ~Proverbs 25:2

Others, like seeds sown on good soil, hear the word, accept it, and produce a crop—some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times what was sown.” ~Mark 4:20

Dear Neighbor,

I think after the last few weeks meeting together each morning, I feel that it is right to also call you brother. Over the last three weeks we have wrestled through some crucial topics.

There are many more we might have addressed, but we established an environment as Kingdom Men we could train, scrimmage and get on the mat with challenging issues across our American Culture.

We have not agreed on all of them. During a few we even called a time-out, a temporary “agree to disagree” so that we could come back fresh and renewed again. You really challenged me and I’m grateful. You caused me to do my own research. I chased down source documents. I listened to actual experts, not just talking heads on TV, podcasts or the pulpit. I’ve continued the dialogue, I’ve asked tough questions of myself and others. Most importantly, I’ve listened to their answers. As Proverbs 18:13 warns “a man who answers before listening—this is his folly and shame.” You called me out in love, in a way that makes me a better Kingdom Man. You echoed the wisdom of Solomon recorded in Proverbs 18:15, “the heart of the discerning acquires knowledge, for the ears of the wise seek it out.

Through our discussions we framed a “mat” to wrestle on.

It’s funny to just even picture the word wrestling. It reminded me of try-outs for the Freshman team. You remember that coach in high school with messed up ears and hoarse voice? Or Dwayne Johnson or the theatrics of Randy Savage (hilarious) and even though those guys were athletes, WWE isn’t full contact Jujitsu. They are different skills. One a sport, one a stage show, another a fighting skill. All requiring coaching, practice, learning new tactics, adjusting to an adversary. We sparred and sharpened each other. We started with some basic holds and takedowns.

Through those back-and-forths our relationship grew, we learned to trust each other. We also learned how to take a hit, fall and get back up. As we grew stronger we grappled with more difficult topics and struggles. I felt like we were gearing up for the Varsity team. We have found good soil to train on. But the fight isn’t over. We’ll continue to wrestle with each other, but that’s just practice.

The matches that are coming will not be as edifying. Our opponents will seek our destruction not our development. Cheap points will be rewarded, questionable takedowns lauded, and the temptation to set aside what we learned during our practice will be strong. We have to KNEEL and then Stand on our foundation. It may appear that the underhanded won the day. And they may get the State trophy, but it will tarnish.

We are wrestling, we are training for something greater. A reward that neither moths nor rust can destroy. We ARE KINGDOM MEN! We are Ambassadors! We are Standard Bearers! The evidence of our victories doesn’t go on a mantle or in a trophy case. The evidence of our victories is in the lives of our neighbors. It's seen in the faces of those who gravitate toward the Father, because of HOW we wrestled. It’s in those who wrestled with us, learned from us and then taught others to do likewise. We are tilling good soil. We are building a firm wrestling mat. It is cushioned by Love, and supported by our relationship. Thank you for the match. You are my neighbor. You are my brother. And Love Does! Let’s continue to “DO” together.

Daily Battle Order:

As Kingdom Men we are committed to training our family, discipling them, speaking truth into their lives, and launching them (like arrows) well-prepared into their lives. So we embrace the opportunity to wrestle with topics influenced by the cultural battlefields of education, media, government, business, arts and entertainment, religion and families and learn and focus on God’s truth.

Keep Wrestling! It is a King’s glory to search out His wisdom and glory!

If you have never read the TJC creed - Read It. If it’s been a while - Read It Again. If it’s known - Memorize It. But don’t let it be words - We call it a creed because it’s a set of beliefs that guide our actions as a Kingdom Man.




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