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Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

via TJC

“To Timothy my true son in the faith:

  Grace, mercy and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord” 1 Timothy 1:2

The other day around northern Virginia I was driving with my son and we stopped at a stop sign …there was much traffic …as we waited for our turn to go, he blurted out, “what do you want an invitation!!”  My first thought was where had heard that before? … Oh yeah, it was out of my mouth.

And it made me realize again the great impact I have on my own son.

For those of us that call Jesus “Lord”, His spirit arranges our “appointments” as we follow Him. These divine appointments can show up as “births”, working relationships and other relationships. We are able to leave our “imprint” on others either good, bad or indifferent as we paddle through our paths in life.

As a Dad, I have become more acutely aware of the impact of my words upon my son; as a mentor, I have to watch my words. I also have a special relationship with my son. He recently said to me, “Come on bro.” I had to loving correct him: we have a wonderful relationship, but I am Dad (or I am “Senpai” & you are “Kōhai”). 

My son’s off-hand comment reminded me not just of the importance of my influence on own son, but also my influence on other men.

My son’s off-hand comment also reminded me that the world is quite willing to “mentor” him, and that I am called to model and speak life to my son.

Daily Battle Order: As a Kingdom men we are called as a King, Warrior, Teacher and Lover, especially as we mentor others. Our words matter and others are listening. Better to learn from my recent experience, and consider today the impact of your words on those you influence.

This week, re-read 1st Timothy and reflect on how God used the special relationship between Paul & Timothy to impact the world around, and even us many generations later. From that reflection consider your own words and your influence on the next generation.

The biggest error would be in not trying as God is so much bigger than any of our mistakes, and if you don’t, the world is quite willing to step into the void you leave open.

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