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My Relationships

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“I am a Kingdom Man. If a husband, I love and serve my wife, if a father, a loving father to my children. I will love and lead them as Christ loves the Church. If a brother, uncle, guardian, mentor or friend, I will give honor in all of my relationships. I will lead, teach, correct and train in the spirit of righteousness.” TJC Creed, 3rd Stanza

My son is a pre-teen. Recently a brother asked me what I would tell my son as he moves towards manhood (in a few short sentences).

I would say: Let me tell you about your grandfather. He grew up through the great depression and lost his dad very early in life. When his country needed him, he signed up for the U S Navy (on his 17th birthday) and found himself on Normandy beach almost directly after enlisting. He continued his path of service in the U S Army and fought in Korea. Your Granddad put his country and those he fought with, before himself. Though aware of the cost, he heartedly sacrificed for others.

He came back to a country who never seemed to appreciate men like him, but your grandma sure did. Marrying her with five children (ready-made family) was no small thing.

My dad was what I call a “man's man” - he was the warrior you wanted beside you when you are doing battle … he was the man that kept God and country first …he had a very cool tattoo of a black cat sitting on top of the number 13 in a way to kick the idea of superstition in the face; there was no backing down with your granddad.

Son, over the last 40 years our culture/society has lied to us as they attempt to redefine what a man is and his roles in the family. Society has made fun of men, emasculated them, even attempted to redefine them, as they attempt the devolution of our culture. 

Your granddad got it right. He was submitted to His Father in heaven and put His country and his family before himself; he made it easy for to see what a Kingdom man is because he “walked it out” … as he fought for his country and fought for his family he kept God in the battles with him.

Daily Battle Order:

Stanza 3 reminds us how we should treat our family, friends, and strangers. For those closest, are you really loving your wife like Christ loved the church? Christ gave His life for us; what sacrifices are you making for your bride, your family? Are you a caring and attentive father? Do you extend grace to those who do not deserve it? (Remember, if they deserve it, it’s not grace).

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