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Interceding for Prodigals

via TJC

“We always thank God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you,”

—Colossians 1:3

This week, we’ve been encouraged in our prayerful intercessions for (1) Pre-Christians, (2) Cultural Christians, and (3) New Believers. Now, we pray for the (4) Prodigals in our lives.

Jordan (not his real name) is perhaps the most important person I’ve ever met in my life. Why? Because he was the one who introduced me to Christ. He brought me to a church, made me feel welcomed, and sparked discussion with my skeptical heart. Years later, Jordan was one of the groomsmen standing beside me on my wedding day.

Fast forward a few more years. Jordan and I went our separate ways. I settled in my college town, while he moved out West. Each time I spoke with him on the phone, I grew more concerned about his relationship with Christ. One day, he used a popular buzz word when he mentioned he had been “deconstructing” his faith. (Folks who use this term often deconstruct their faith, then fail to reconstruct it using Scripture.)

I recently sent Jordan a news article about a pro-abortion policy his company was implementing. I was not-so-shocked to discover he was supportive of the policy. Careful with my words, I replied back with gentleness, yet assertive of our duty to love our unborn neighbors.

I haven’t heard from Jordan since.

While flipping through the Bible recently, I had an epiphany. In 8 of Paul’s 13 letters in the New Testament, there is a distinct commonality. If you skip the salutation, the first sentence of his letters is more or less, “I always thank God for you…” Peek at Romans, and you’ll see what I mean.

Do I thank God for Jordan? Does Jordan know I’m thankful for him? Interceding for Prodigals is more than praying for the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sin… It’s being thankful God has placed them in our lives!

Daily Battle Order:

Who is the Prodigal in your life? Do you love them with a thankful heart?

Let’s pray together:

God, while I pray for _______ to be convicted of his/her sin, I am first grateful that you have placed him/her in my life. You have sent me on a mission to do Your work. Thank you for ________ , Father.




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