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God is Greater Than…

via TJC

I always thank my God as I remember you in my prayers, because I hear about your love for all his holy people and your faith in the Lord Jesus. Philemon 1:4-5. 

Today we begin our journey in Philemon, Paul’s shortest letter in the Bible at only one chapter. He is writing to a few disciples from prison around 60 AD, specifically Philemon, and his family members, Apphia and Archippus.   He applauds all of their faith and reminds them to continue to love joyfully since their kindness has given him great comfort through his trials and can strengthen everyone’s faith around them.  He also asks Philemon to welcome his messenger, Onesimus.  This is interesting because there is a whole backstory that you do not get from only reading the letter.  Philemon was a slave owner who converted to Christianity and Onesimus was his slave who escaped.  Onesimus bumped into Paul in Rome and converted and became close with Paul.  Paul is sending him back and asking Philemon to forgive and welcome his former slave as a brother in Christ, emphasizing their shared faith and calling for that bond to overshadow any past issues.

Paul’s message hit close to my heart this week since I have been working with my younger son on how to forgive.  He has a great memory and has a habit of tallying the perceived “wrongs” committed against him by his brothers for days before a final perceived infraction causes him to get very mad and act out.  Most times everyone else has forgotten the small things that happened and are surprised by the outburst.  While calming him down, I asked him if he would want to be treated the same way, where we all keep track of the annoying things he does daily and yell at him next week for them all and of course, he laughed and said no.  Then we had a great discussion about how almighty God forgives each of us and commands us to follow His example and forgive others, so we can have peace in our communities and especially in our family.

Daily Battle Order:

Close your eyes and think deeply, knowing that the love of God is greater than any slight or uncharitable interaction that you encounter.  Then thank God for his forgiveness and put emphasis on forgiving everyone around you today.



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