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Complete the Wall

via TJC

“Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives, and your homes.” Nehemiah 4:14

When Nehemiah heard that the walls of Jerusalem were still broken down more than a half-century after the rebuilding of the temple, he was so distraught, he “sat down and wept,” fasting and praying before God. Implicitly, he was formulating a plan to remedy the situation.

The temple might seem to be a religious institution, while the walls are a secular one, but God led Nehemiah to work on the walls, no less than he led Ezra to work on the temple. Both were necessary to fulfill God’s plan to restore the nation of Israel.

If the walls were unfinished, the temple was unfinished too. Without walls, no city was safe from bandits and gangs. The greater the value of things in the city, the greater the need for the wall. The temple, with its rich decorations, would have been particularly at risk.

Today we see a similar story unfolding before us. The walls protecting our nation from those who intend to harm it are the Laws of God. These laws are our collective values of right and wrong as outlined in The Word. Today these laws are being attacked from every angle. Left unabated, sexual perversion, drag shows, celebrating men as women in sports and public offices as “brave” and failing to protect our children will most assuredly lead to our destruction.

Daily Battle Order:

Remember that God protected Nehemiah from those who tried to stop him. He’ll protect us too. But we must not allow the walls to decay any further. We must stand and lead the repairs of the damage done to our nation, not sit idly by while the walls collapse.



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